Our Fish Species

Only fly fishing is permitted in the Taurach and Tauernkarsee.

The Tauern mountains are the most dominating range in Salzburg. The Niedere Tauern are a diverse, and mostly still untouched alpine landscape. Here with us, experiencing and enjoying nature whilst fishing plays a major role.

The Taurach

Naturally occurring:

  • brook trout, Arctic char, rainbow trout

Restocked annually:

  • brook trout: ca. 280 kg
  • Arctic char: ca. 170 kg

The Tauernkarsee

Naturally occurring:

  • brook trout, Arctic char, grayling

Restocked annually:

  • brook trout: 100 kg
  • Arctic char: 60 kg
  • grayling: 30 kg
  • lake trout: 30 kg

The "Fürstenbrunn" fishing ponds


  • ainbow trout, brook trout, Arctic char, carp

Restocked annually:

  • as needed

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