Fly Fishing in Obertauern

Local fishing waters

Yet another rewarding destination for nature-loving fly fishers is Hundsfeldsee Lake in Obertauern, as is the Taurach -from its headwaters to the end of our fishing area by Johannes Waterfall.

"Hundsfeldsee" (elev. 1814 m)

Nestled idyllically in "Hundsfeld Moor" nature sanctuary - an area of water covering some 3 hectares, known as the Hundsfeldsee.

The reedy shoreline is an ideal habitat for salmonids, but demands excellent fishing skills from anglers.

Species: rainbow-, brook- and lake trout, Arctic char


The Taurach - origin of Johannes Waterfall

The Northern Taurach has its headwaters just below the south side of the Seekarspitze (2,350 m), primarily in the form of two streams, the Grünwald Taurach and the Hundsfeld Taurach. These two feeder streams unite close to the Tauern Pass in Obertauern.

Along a length of ca. 4 km, the upper reaches of the Taurach are rich in variety - from calmer stretches with relatively exposed banks through Hundsfeld Moor as well as the area of the Roman Bridge and Weningeralm, to rapidly flowing stages with numerous pools, just above the boundary of our fishing area next to the Johannes Waterfall.

With an average width of 2 to 7 meters, the stream is generally easy to ford.

Species: rainbow-, brook trout and Arctic char


Further Info:

The fishing waters at the Hundsfeldsee as well as the upper segment of the Nothern Taurach are owned by the village of Untertauern. 

Price of Day Permit: € 27.00 (valid for the Taurach and Hundsfeldsee)
Permissible Bait: wet-/dry fly, streamer nymphs, minnows, spoons - no live bait permitted
Daily Limit: 3 trout per angler; Catch & Release possible
Minimum size: 25 cm     

Permits available through Obertauern Tourist Office as well as Untertauern Village Hall.

Kohlmayr family | Dorfstraße 22, A-5561 Untertauern | +43 6455 238, nfkhlmyrcm

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