Fly fishing in the Taurach in Untertauern

Our private fishing area on the Taurach has the perfect waters in store for every fly fisher . Sometimes fast and deep, sometimes gentler and shallower. Anglers use the classic stream-fishing lures you probably use at home, both dry-fly and nymph. Often it is a matter of finding the right presentation, depth and speed where you are fishing that determines success.

When it comes to dry-flies, depending on the season and water, it is often one-day flies, such as bwo, pale wateries and natural caddis- and stonefly designs, which dominate. Small streamers, such as the Wooley Bugger or Koppenstreamer, can also prove useful. In summer, you might wish to try midges and related insect species. 

On the Tauernkarsee, similar patterns can also be successful used, as can small streamers.

In the following overview, we show you a few of the patterns you may wish to choose from.

If you are not yet a fly-tyer in your own right, you can still obtain information about the best patterns for use in the Taurach and Tauernkarsee from RRR Fly Fishing. Rolf Renell leads our hotel guests to the water's edge every year with his enjoyable angling courses and workshops. 

Further info: RRR Fly Fishing: RRR Fly Fishing -Der Fliegen-Shop


Trophy catches in the Taurach

.Here you see some of the catches which have made our guests especially proud.

Fly fishing - a real passion!

One a fly fisher, always a fly fisher. Which is why Hotel zur Post has such a loyal following of guests who love this beautiful sport.

We are always excited to meet others who share our passion!

Video Fishing vacations in Untertauern

Video Fly fishing in the Taurach

Video Fly fishing at the Tauernkar Lake

Video Fly fishing in the Taurach near Oberauern

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