Fishing Regulations - Angling Holidays


"Catch & Release" in the Taurach (Johannesfall to Wildparkbrücke) and the Tauernkarsee.
Maximum daily take: 1 fish per fisherman per day.

  • Fishing Season
    from May to September 
  • Minimum Size 
    30 cm, undersized fish must be carefully returned to the water!
  • Catch
    The catch is the property of the hotel and must be gently returned to the water. Injured fish should be brought to the hotel. If you wish to get your fish prepared at the hotel, we will be happy to do so (against fee). If you wish to take your catch home (price: € 15/kg), the fish can be stored in our deep-freezer until your check-out.
  • Withdrawal
    "Catch & Release" in the Taurach (Johannesfall to Wildparkbrücke) and the Tauernkarsee.
    Maximum take per day: 1 fish per fisherman and day.
  • Fishing License + Photo ID
    Must be presented to inspectors on demand, license issued by the hotel.

Fishing Rules


only with one fly rod, dry fly, wet fly and nymphs,
single hook (unbarbed)


From the start of the fishing area next to the Johannes Waterfall as far as “Sportplatzbrücke” bridge, only
“catch & release”
fishing is permitted;
Bait restriction for this same area: wet-, dry fly & nymphs.
In the remaining area, also fishing with streamers is permitted


Permissed bait: wet-, dry fly & nymphs

Fishing with gold hooks, trebles and doubles is prohibited!

fishing is no longer permitted!


Dear Angling Fans,

It's hard to imagine anything more delicious than a freshly caught fish you have landed yourself out of the River Taurach or Tauernkarsee Lake. We are committed to preserving the mainly natural trout population of our waters. That's why we ask you to only keep trout, carp etc. that you have caught in our pond to enjoy at home.

Thank you for your cooperation and your support!

Yours, the Kohlmayr Family

Kohlmayr family | Dorfstraße 22, A-5561 Untertauern | +43 6455 238, nfkhlmyrcm

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