Family Tour - Hofalmen


How to reach the trail head

by car via the Hofalm toll road, hiking bus, horse-drawn carriage, as well as different hiking paths.

Also located in Hofalmtal valley are the Bögrainalm, Pichlmayralm and Tieregghütte. The Oberhofalm and  Unterhofalm are connected by a narrow footpath (ca. 5-minute walk).

An ideal family tour, also suitable for small children, minimal inclines!


Oberhofalm: rustic, original, over 300 years old, cozy dining rooms, sunny terrace, farmhouse specialties, old water-wheel next to the hut. 

Unterhofalm: A hut to remember, 220 years old, comfy dining areas and large rooms, sunny terrace, farmhouse specialties, water-wheel.

Almsee: ca. 10 minutes from the huts, small and idyllic alpine tarn at the foot of the Bischofsmütze.

Tip: Take a walk along the marvelous path that runs between the Oberhofalm and the Unterhofalm (about a 20-minute walk).

Route description using the toll road:
Take the road towards Hinterwinkl and the toll station, follow the paved toll road for about 3.5 km until the fork in the road, making a right to the Oberhofalm, left to the Unterhofalm. There is traffic, accessible to prams/strollers, ¾ paved road, last section is a gravel road.

Route description via the Wallehengut:
Take the road towards Hinterwinkl, prior to the second bridge keep hiking straight, past an old mill, alongside the stream to the Leopichl supply road. You will pass the toll station to your left. Hike right along the Leopichl supply road to the Wallehengut – Alpine Association path No. 612. Passing directly by the Wallehengut, you will first come through meadows, then through high forest until you reach a clearing. You will keep following the signs for the path leading to the Hofalmen, until the paths split, with a right taking you to the Oberhofalm and a left to the Unterhofalm.

Your hike to the Oberhofalm takes you along the path until it merges with the toll road. Follow the road briefly until after the Kaltenbach bridge, where you will find a path parallel to the road, which branches off into the forest on the right. Continue to the Tieregghütte, where you will briefly follow the toll road as far as the "Bögrainalm" – Alpine Association path No. 612 A.

Tip: Drink a gulp or two of the wonderful, good spring water flowing out of the "Meeräugl-Quelle" from the drinking trough at the Bögrainalm.

From the Bögrainalm the hiking path leads via beautiful pasture areas, with the last segment across the  "Oberhofalm-Almanger" (alpine meadow). To reach the Unterhofalm, you will follow the left pathway, cross the toll road, hike down a wide path to the bridge over the "Warme Mandling". Then alongside the "Warme Mandling" via a broad, beautiful forest path until you again come to the toll road. To the right below the toll road, the path leads across beautiful high pastures to the Unterhofalm – Alpine Association Path 612.

Starting point: Filzmoos village square or Hofalm toll station
Time on trail: 1 to 1.5 hrs.
Elevation change: 240 m
Refreshments: Oberhofalm (1,268 m), Unterhofalm (1,280 m)
Telephone: Oberhofalm, Tel.: 06453 / 8594, Christian and Hanni Salchegger
Unterhofalm, Tel.: 0664/3566751, Michael and Gabi Schörghofer

Kohlmayr family | Dorfstraße 22, A-5561 Untertauern | +43 6455 238, nfkhlmyrcm

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