"Wine Friendships"

It's hard to imagine a hobby that combines better with our profession than that of wine - and in our case, especially those wines which are produced by domestic vineyards in Austria. A number of years ago, we made it our goal to build a more focusedwine collection, setting out in search of smaller, more family-run wineries. Since then, those wineries have never failed to captivate us with the high-quality of their vintages. The personal connection is also important to us, and so we are delighted to have this opportunity to introduce our vintners and tell you more about the "wine friendships" which have developed between us.

Winery Achs-Wendelin

Winery Paul & Andrea Achs-Wendelin

(Gols - Neusiedlersee)

At home in Gols, the largest wine-growing community in Austria, the two young vintners Paul & Maria can draw on a great treasure - two generations of winemakers with award-winning successes, years of experience and immense knowledge of wine.

The grapes for their quality products ripen in top vineyards such as Ungerberg, Goldberg and Gabarinza. Family-owned for decades, they are lovingly tended and cared for. Achs-Wendelin wines come from healthy vineyards with living soils, whereby herbicides and insecticides are completely avoided in order to maintain the natural balance in the vineyard. They are in the vineyards and attach great importance to manual labour. According to the credo: "As much as necessary, as little as possible", they produce authentic Burgenland red and white wines that must be experienced.



Winery Markus Truksitz

(Schützen am Gebirge - Neusiedlersee-Hügelland)

"Weingut Markus Truksitz - sternenweine" is located in Schützen am Gebirge, which is one of the oldest wine-growing communities in all of Austria, amid the Neusiedler See World Heritage Region. The vineyards themselves lie in the countryside around Schützen, close to the Schützner Stein Nature Sanctuary (Goldberg) and the famous Leithaberg vineyard.

Markus Truksitz runs this small gem of a business (ca. 3.5 ha) with great passion and joy, the fifth generation of his family to do so.


Winery Truksitz
Winery Steiner

Winery Julius Steiner

(Podersdorf - Neusiedlersee)

For generations, wine growing has played a significant role in the life of the Steiner family. Formerly, the main emphasis was on production of stylish sweet wines. The ambitions of today's winemaker Julius Steiner are directed towards outstanding quality in every aspect of his business. True to this approach, since 1986 he has undertaken constant improvements - with the clear goal of becoming one of the best producers in Austria.

High expectations indeed, and that's no easy path. That said, the people of Burgenland are quite famous for a degree of stubbornness, which serves him in good stead as he steadily raises the quality of his wines.



Winery Gerhard Wallner

(Deutsch-Schützen - Southern Burgenland)

In Deutsch-Schützen, the center of Southern Burgenland, master winegrower and cellarer Gerhard Wallner has dedicated himself to the cultivation of characteristic red wines. In his efforts, he has received the constant support of his parents, Anna and Josef. The estate covers some eight hectares of vineyards.

The special features of the terroir, a long vegetation period and harvests which are deliberately kept low, along with cellaring techniques that are gentle on the grapes, all go to make up the typical signature of this winery.


Winery Wallner
Winery Strohmaier

Winery Thomas Strohmaier

(Pölfing-Brunn - Western Styria)

"When wine becomes an experience...."

True to this maxim, Thomas and Margaretha Strohmaier look to excite customers with their wines. Thomas has been squarely focused on wine for 20 years now - initially an outsider to the business, he was driven by his motivation to become a wine grower, starting out by cultivating the classic Schilcher grape. But he didn't just stop there - he now produces different variants of this Western Styrian rosè classic, supplemented by an outstanding selection of whites and reds.


PS: If you share my (Gustl's) enthusiasm for Schilcher wines, the Strohmaier estate is definitely the place for you!


Winery Anton List

(Siebing - Southern Styria/South-Eastern Styria)

Wine growing looks back on a long tradition with the List family. In fact, the vineyard on the Grassnitzberg was purchased seven generations ago, in 1789 to be precise, by Johann List, and it has remained in the family ever since. They currently work about 5 ha of vineyards on the Grassnitzberg - one of the best vineyards in all of South-Eastern Styria. The distinctive character and charm of List wines is due to painstaking processing, as well as the climatic and geographical conditions enjoyed by the vineyards on the Grassnitzberg.


Winery List
Winery Scharl

Winery Josef Scharl

(St. Anna am Aigen - South-Eastern Styria)

The Scharl family has been growing wines since 1930, though it was not until 1982 that Josef Scharl Sr. turned his hobby into a profession, intensifying his efforts to produce highest-quality wines.
In the meantime, Josef Scharl Jr. has assumed the responsibilities in the wine cellar, seamlessly continuing the tradition that, in order to produce a good wine, you have to sense its very soul.
This fine touch of the Scharl family results every year in exceptional products, from gentle and fragrant to robust and full-bodied wines.



Winery Schaflerhof - Schafler Family

(Traiskirchen - Thermenregion)

The Schafler family have been farming their wine estate for six generations – Catherina and Andreas took over the business in 1993 and, through their new ideas, dedication and innovations, have made the Schaflerhof one of the leading wineries in the Thermenregion. Variants of the Rotgipfler and Zierfandler - the classic whites of this area - are the focus of their selection, complemented by classics such as the Grüner Veltliner and Welschriesling as well as numerous reds and sweet wines.


Winery Schaflerhof
Winery Hannes Dachauer

Winery Hannes Dachauer

(Tattendorf - Thermenregion)

Tradition and the values that go with it provide the foundation for Hannes Dachauer as he runs his winery. Closeness to nature is an absolute top priority for this vintner. As an organic business, the young winegrower strives tirelessly to treat his wines and nature with gentle respect. The result of his very personal, natural approach to his work, is distinctive wines with their own personal note.



Winery Family Strehn

(Deutschkreutz - Mittelburgenland)

The Strehn winery is one of the "NEW" ones in our wine cellar and stands for pure, straightforward and individual Blaufränkisch wines. A family business in the best sense of the word. Pia, Patrick, Andy and Monika, who are involved in the business with a great deal of wine expertise and enjoy working together, cultivate vineyards with vines up to 60 years old in central Burgenland, the "Blaufränkischland".


Winery Strehn
Winery NEFF

Winery NEFF - Christopher Perepatics

(Podersdorf - Neusiedlersee)

The story of how the winery came to be named "NEFF" is rather special. It's been a while since the old winemaker introduced the chap to his mates with the words: "This is my nephew!", sparing himself the German 'e' at the end. Winemaker Christopher Perepatics is NEFF's nephew(e). The winery is located in the centre of Podersdorf am See in Northern Burgenland. White, red and sweet wines are produced with a great deal of passion and dedication, whereby the special climatic conditions of the Seewinkel are of course a great advantage.



Winery Alois Schwarz

(Schrattenberg - Weinviertel)

The Schwarz family's winery is located in Schrattenberg, an "island of reds" amid the Weinviertel, a region otherwise renowned for its abundance of white wines. This particular wine estate has been represented in our own collection perhaps longer than any other. With the greatest possible personal dedication, primarily red wines of exceptional quality are produced from a terroir that is ideal. That said, the white wines of the Schwarz family are also not to be missed. For more than twelve years, the "Schwarzschen" wines are represented here at the Hotel Zur Post, and a sublime example of how acquaintances can be transformed into "wine friendships"...


Winery Schwarz
Winery Leo Maurer

Weingut Leo Maurer

(Röschitz - Weinviertel)

The wine-growing Maurer family have been in Röschitz for four generations. Here, at the foot of the Manhartsberg, their focus is squarely on the leading grape variety of the Weinviertel region, the Grüner Veltliner.  Leopold Maurer has been running the 13 ha estate since 2001, and is responsible for the cellars, vineyards and sales. Parents Alfred and Maria Maurer help in the vineyards, where they contribute their considerable experience.

Out in the vineyards, the emphasis is on near-natural, eco-friendly cultivation, with yields deliberately reduced with an eye to enhanced quality - the optimal foundation, in other words, for impressively fruity and full-bodied wines from the Maurer wine cellars.



Winery Alfred Reinberger

(Grafenwörth - Wagram/Donauland)

In our search for a typical Roter Veltliner from Wagram, several years ago we came across the winery of the Reinberger family, whose vineyards are located not far from the River Danube, their fields sedately inclined towards the Wagram. Special attention is given to Grüner Veltliner and Riesling grapes, complemented by indigenous varieties such as the Roter Veltliner and Malvasier, which do especially well in the loess soils of the Wagram. The Reinbergers also combine their wine-growing activities with arable farming.


Winery Reinberger
Winery Franz Tanzer

Winery Franz Tanzer

(Thallern - Kremstal)

The roots of this winery go back to 1933, when Franz Tanzer took over house No. 19, a small 3 ha farm. In 1981, a wine tavern opened its doors on the right bank of the Danube, now very much the flagship of the business.
Today, the wine estate of the Tanzer family encompasses some 8 ha of vineyards and another 7 ha of orchards. The family runs the farm together, with each family member having his or her own field of responsibility. Mother Friederike and Daniela Tanzer look after the guests of their wine tavern, while father Franz IV is a fruit-growing specialist, also responsible for the fine schnapps distilled with those same fruits.
Franz's personal dedication and his heart are focused on wine growing - his constant efforts towards exceptional quality in all aspects of the business are reflected in our numerous awards and certificates.



Winery Fritz Rixinger

(Spitz an der Donau - Wachau)

The winery of the Rixinger famly is located amid the vineyards of the western Wachau region, in an area known as the "Spitzergraben".
They currently cultivate about 5 ha of vineyards and 0.8 ha of apricot trees. Most of the grapes grow on steep terraced hillsides, originally created hundreds of years ago, which means that machinery can only rarely be used. Weingut Rixinger is subject to the Codex Wachau, quality standards established by the VINEA WACHAU NOBILIS DISTRICTUS wine preservation society. In the quieter winter months, thanks to 38 ha of forest there is certainly no shortage of work to be done. For all fans of Wachau wines, Weingut Rixinger is a real insider tip when it comes to value-for-money!


Winery Rixinger
Weingut Familie Steyrer

Winery Family Eberherr

(St. Magarethen - Leithaberg)

The Eberherr family winery is located in St. Margarethen in the Neusiedlersee-Hügelland wine-growing region. Winemaker Jörn Eberherr, a native Tyrolean and career changer, always endeavours to produce wines of the highest quality.
The winemaker's main aim is to vinify wines with character and varietal typicity, but which also show the winemaker's signature. Out of love for nature, the vines and the wine, the use of herbicides and insecticides is completely avoided.



Winery Gottschuly-Grassl Family

(Göttlesbrunn - Carnuntum)

In the legendary Carnuntum wine-growing area, the Gottschuly-Grassl family operate about 12 ha of vineyards in a top location.

Their focus is squarely on top-to-bottom quality management, a healthy crop, grapes that are allowed to ripen to maturity, modern as well as traditional cultivation methods, and, above all, reduced yields. New technology wherever necessary, traditional whenever possible. A successful effort, in other words, to continue the centuries-old wine-growing tradition of Carnuntum.


Gottschuly-Grassl Wine-Growing Family
Winery Familie Deim

Winery Markus Alfred Deim

(Schönberg am Kamp - Kamptal)

"Last but not least", we wish to mention the winery operated by the Deim family. Now for over 20 years, Weingut Deim has been providing their wines to us here at the Hotel Zur Post.
The business has been in the same family since 1772, comprising vineyards inside Schönberg-Kamptal Nature Park as well as in the Wachau region. The business is run exclusively by family members, guaranteeing 100% quality control, from the first buds to final bottling. Due to their quality products, wines from this winery have always been very popular with our guests, while "Fallstaff" magazine describes their value-for-money as unbeatable!



And of course, we don't want to forget the Döllerer family (Döllerer's Wine Wholesalers) or the companyWein Wolf in Salzburg, who have been standing right there at our side for many years, perfectly "plugging" any holes we might occasionally have in our own collection.


Kohlmayr family | Dorfstraße 22, A-5561 Untertauern | +43 6455 238, nfkhlmyrcm

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