Excursions for kids during your holidays

Exciting excursions for kids during your family vacation, close to Hotel  zur Post in Untertauern.

"Alles Alm" family hiking path at the Gnadenalm

ca. 5-minute drive from our hotel

Alpine pastures have always been a source of relaxation and regeneration for young and old, though they are also a workplace for the locals in summertime. Aside from fun & games for the kids, learn all kinds of fascinating background information about our high alpine pastures.

Far removed from daily life, yet still so close by, this flat hiking loop blends perfectly with the countryside of the Gnadenalm.

In harmony with nature, you will encounter lookout towers, fascinating information, the giant cow "Berta", a water playground, along with lots of great adventures for big and small.


WAGRAINi’s Grafenberg - a world of nature and adventure

ca. 20-minute drive from the hotel 

A nature experience sure to appeal to all of your senses with lots of action, healthy exercise and fun at over 30 adventure stations high up on the mountain:

  • comfortable ride on the "Grafenbergbahn" lift up to 1700 meters
  • theme path "The Busy Bee"
  • raft rides, suspension footbridge, Hachau slide
  • low-ropes course, climbing stadium
  • "Path of Fascination"
  • kids' hut, swinging forest and more.

Paths suitable for prams/strollers between each of the stations.


Riding in Radstadt and Tweng

ca. 10 - 15 minutes by car from the hotel

Great exercise with the aid of another living creature, a sport that brings you closer to nature and gets you away from your office chair, every day a new challenge from a sport that demands coordination, balance and endurance - this is what HORSEBACK RIDING is all about!


Riding at Gut Weissenhof in Radstadt:

Right there at Gut Weissenhof in Radstadt, you will discover
one of the top riding facilities in SalzburgerLand. In fact, it has been awarded "four horseshoes", which is the highest rating given out by FENA (Austrian Horseback Riding Association).

The lessons, whether in a group, private or one-on-one, are aimed at improving riders' equestrian skills and follow the guidelines established by FN (the German Equestrian Association). Furthermore, we have other attractive offers available, including riding side-saddle, courses leading to riding certification, vaulting,… more about course offers

Riding at the "Postgut" in Tweng:

There's practically no happier place on earth than on the back of one of the Klarys' family's Norikers. Whether an absolute beginner on the lunge line, refining your dressage skills or taking a trail ride through the Lantschfeld nature reserve.


"Ghost Mountain" amusement park in St. Johann Alpendorf

ca. 35-minute drive from the hotel  

Awaiting the kids on the Gernkogel at 1,767 m above sea level are 4 different worlds of adventure, plus "Spuki" and "Gspensti" along with all kinds of other ghosts, fairies and elves.

  • ride up on the gondola lift and the ghost train
  • panorama towers, giant slides, air swings and water games
  • mill wheels, shooting stands, mountains to climb, Krampus caves
  • "Dragon Path"

Please note: the park is free to the public.


Rittisberg Adventure Mountain, Ramsau/Dachstein

ca. 35-minute drive from the hotel

A fun, exciting park for the whole family at the foot of the Dachstein.

  • Fairytale path
  • Ramsau Beach recreation park with swimming lake, beach volleyball, trampoline, diving tower, playground and much more.
  • Rittisberg Coaster1300m in length
  • Forest Park forest high-ropes course
  • Rittisberg archery range
  • Swimming lake "Ramsau Beach"
  • Segway Tours
  • Electro Motor-Cross and much more

"Fantasiana" Amusement Park in Strasswalchen

ca. 70-minute drive from the hotel

Austria's No. 1 theme park! Where dreams come true...

Welcome to a fairy-tale world full of dreams, exciting adventures, action and nerve-tingling moments. Over 50 attractions captivate all generations and make your dreams a reality. Their "Dark Rides" are attractions you generally only find in the world's biggest amusement parks.

Immerse yourself in 7 different theme areas: Castle Keep – Pilzhausen – Africa / Orient – Fantasiana Fairy-Tale Forest – "Lucky City" western town, and the Action Area!


Panning for gold in Angertal, Bad Gastein

ca. 70-minute drive from the hotel 

See just how lucky you can be! An experienced gold-panner will teach you the secrets of hunting for that coveted Tauern gold, and he'll show you the right way to use your prospector's pan.

more about panning for gold in Angertal


"Canopy Path" in Hinterglemm

ca. 70-minute drive from the hotel

At the valley head near Saalbach Hinterglemm, we discover the highest forest-canopy path in Europe. In combination with the "Golden Gate Bridge of the Alps", this popular excursion destination represents a project that is quite unique worldwide.

This close-to-nature path begins at the valley-head car park, taking you on a 2 km walk amid pastures, meadows and forests. The 1 km-long Canopy Path itself begins at the Lindlingalm with the 200 m-long "Golden Gate Bridge of the Alps". The way out and back (2 km each direction) to this path can also be traveled on the valley-head train. In winter, you can either walk through the magnificent winter countryside, ride a sleigh or take the hut taxi.

more info about the Canopy Path in Hinterglemm


Salzburg Zoo & Ferleiten Wildlife Park


ca. 50-minute drive from the hotel

Salzburg Zoo is proud to show numerous native and exotic animals in their near-natural habitat. This zoological garden is also dedicated to combining as harmoniously as possible the beauty of the countryside and grounds which surround Hellbrunn, with the native world of the animals themselves.


As a consequence, many enclosures were created that allow visitors, big and small, to experience a balance between plant- and animal life. Using as many natural materials as possible, "zoo habitats" were developed that meet the needs of the individual animals, while also allowing visitors to observe communities of closely related species.

Around 800 animals - 140 animal species - live on the 14 hectares of zoo grounds, in open enclosures that are very natural and spacious. Zoo visitors enjoy unique insights into the worlds of lions, jaguars, bears and so many more!  

more info about Salzburg Zoo

FERLEITEN WILDLIFE PARK in Bruck an der Glocknerstraße

ca. 50-minute drive from the hotel 

Right on the Glockner Road, just before the toll gate, you will discover this 15-hectare wildlife park with more than 200 animals native to the Alps. It takes about one hour to walk through the park. The paths are suitable for prams as well as wheelchairs.

Located in the middle of the grounds is a big pond, with numerous places to sit and relax, as there is a lookout tower. Info boards provide fascinating insights into the flora and fauna of the Alps.

more info about Ferleiten Wildlife Park

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